Wildcats Committed to Animal Rescue and Education
Give a Paw a Hand

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help local homeless and abused animals through volunteerism, education, and fundraising. We will volunteer at local animal rescues located throughout the community. We strive to educate members and the University community about the issues animals are facing and the solutions to fix it.

This organization is purely philanthropic and not focused on the medical or veterinary aspects of animal care.


Wildcats Committed to Animal Rescue and Education (CARE) is a student led club at the University of Arizona. ​​
Wildcats CARE was founded in September of 2014 by former Presdient, Amanda Gunderson, and former Vice President, Ashley Gurevitz.  Since then, Wildcats CARE has gained over one hundred members and has become an extremely popular club on campus and in the Tucson community.  We have successfully built relationships with various animal shelters and fundraised on behalf of these shelters.  We were awarded the Outstanding Community Service Program Award by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona for the 2015-2016 school year. As a club, we totaled 332 combined volunteer hours for Fall 2015 and 314.5 volunteer hours for Spring 2016. In addition, our club presents educational topics at bi-weekly meetings and actively seeks to inform the public on the importance of animal rescue.